Feature Film: Earlier last year I had the great fortune to work on Aardman Animation’s new ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie’. I can be heard playing 10 characters in the big screen adaptation of it’s enormously popular CBBC TV Series. It’s now available to buy on DVD and BLURAY …

I play the Maitre ‘D’ (see below), both Hair Stylists (bottom right), the Angry Panto Horse Men, the Golfer and a host of Hospital characters.

Returning to ‘Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer's Llamas’, Shaun’s very first 30 minute Christmas Special for a moment. Great news that the short film won an INTERNATIONAL EMMY KIDS AWARD in 2017!

LISTEN & WATCH on the site here.

Television Special: Following quickly on from ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie’, I found myself saying the wonderful words “I’ve worked with Aardman again!” This time on ‘Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer's Llamas’, Shaun’s very first 30 minute Christmas Special.

I play Hector the head llama of a rather destructive trio of llamas!! It’s become a bit of Christmas tradition for the half hour special to be transmitted over the festive period.

Head to my News Blog for more info … LISTEN & WATCH on the site here.

‘The Farmer’s Llamas’ was also chosen to feature on the front cover of the Christmas Radio Times!!

Radio Drama: I play Brother Tuck in this audio re-imagining of the Robin Hood tale in ‘Hood’ for BBC Audio Drama Award winners Spiteful Puppet. Starring Lee Ingleby (Inspector George Gently, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban). As well as Brother Tuck, I can be heard voicing many other characters across the adventures..

After winning the BBC Audio Drama Awards in 2015, Spiteful Puppet we’re once again nominated for the 2016 awards (for the third consecutive year!) This time for ‘Hood - King’s Command’. It wasn’t to be this time around, but what an amazing achievement to grab a hat-trick of nominations in a very competitive competition.

LISTEN & WATCH on the site here.

Audio Drama: I had the great thrill to be back in the Big Finish Productions studios to record a terrific new audio adventure called 'THE SONTARAN ORDEAL', featuring Classic Doctors (Paul McGann on this occasion) with monsters from the new series of ‘Doctor Who’.

It is with much delight that I can announce that I will be playing a SONTARAN called Ensign Stipe (more character details to come!).

An excellent cast, including Christopher Ryan, the first actor to portray a Sontaran in the new 'Doctor Who' era, the ageless Josette Simon from ‘Blake’s 7’ and Dan Starkey who plays the current clone batch of Sontarans on ‘Doctor Who’.

Head over to my News Blog for further info of more work I’ve completed for them recently.                        

LISTEN & WATCH on the site here.

‘Audio Drama: An audio version of ‘Gaslight’ for Fantom Films, I play Jack Manningham opposite Emilia Fox who plays Bella Manningham. Director was Dexter O’Neill.

Audio Books & Drama: I’ve read many stories for CBeebies Radio, including 24 ‘Horrid Henry’ Stories in when I created over 50 characters, many other individual children’s stories as well as recording the Third and Final Radio Series of ‘Big Cook, Little Cook’ with CBeebies TV favourites Big Cook Ben and Little Cook Small. Listen to my Demo Reel … YOU CAN ALSO LISTEN & WATCH on the site here.

Audio Drama: Here’s a range of productions I’ve been involved in with Big Finish who produce the rather excellent Audio Adventures of Doctor Who, now AVAILABLE TO BUY on CD or Digital Download. For more information Listen to my Demo Reel  … YOU CAN ALSO LISTEN & WATCH on the site here.

Radio Drama: After joining the cast of 'The Archers' to play Keith Horrobin, unfortunately it appears that he is still languishing in prison!

After being found guilty of arson and corruption during the controversial ‘Farmageddon’ storyline culminating in him setting David and Ruth Archer’s barn alight, Keith was also featured in Series 4 of ‘The Archers’ spin-off show ‘Ambridge Extra’ which followed him into prison itself!

I often wonder what Keith’s been up to while he’s been enjoying his time at Her Majesty’s pleasure. Maybe he’s picked up some new skills that will be useful for when he gets out. He'll probably want to stay clear of the motor trade as his money troubles were a consequence of that. We will see …

I look forward to heading back to Ambridge at some point and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him once his liberty is restored! LISTEN & WATCH on the site here.

Click here for my News Blog …

Animated Short: ‘Papa’s Boy’ aka ‘Isan Poika’ a (3D) CGI Animated Film Short written & directed by Leevi Lemmetty, produced by Oscar Winners BreakThru Films and Ink and Light and just missed out on an Oscar Nomination in the Best Animated Short category for the 2012 Awards.  I provided All Character Voices for this stunning animation. I’ve also narrated the iPhone App Version of the original storybook. LISTEN & WATCH on the site here.

I am very pleased to announce that it is available to BUY from iTunes as part of a special collection. ‘The Chopin Shorts: Kids’ is a collection of animations made by award winning directors, produced to accompany the Puppet Animation film 'The Magic Piano'.

Children’s TV Series: 'Little Prairie Dogs' on the CBeebies Channel is never far from a repeat. Over 10 magical episodes, we follow the adventures of two sets of young Prairie Dogs in New Mexico as they learn about life on the North American Prairies. I voiced all the male characters in this charming series, opposite the wonderful Kate Sachs (see right). Click here to check out the Official BBC ‘Little Prairie Dogs’ Website ... Listen to my Demo Reel

YOU CAN ALSO LISTEN & WATCH on the site here.

Animated Series: ‘Rex the Runt' Series 2 for Aardman Animations and the BBC: 13 Episodes of Claymation Craziness in which I created over 30 characters alongside the Celebrity Guest Voices of: Jonathan Ross, Paul Merton, Arthur Smith, Phil Jupitus, Graham Norton, Loyd Grossman. Click here for the Official Rex the Runt section on the Aardman website. ‘Rex the Runt’ was created, directed and co-written by Richard Starzak who has also worked on ‘Robbie the Reindeer’, ‘Creature Comforts’, children's TV programme ‘Morph’ and Peter Gabriel's famous 1986 video ‘Sledgehammer’. For more information of my involvement in this Cult Classic you can Listen on my Demo Reel  page … YOU CAN ALSO LISTEN & WATCH on the site here.

Feature Film: In 2016 Aardman Animation’s ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie’ in which I voiced 10 characters, was nominated for an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA Film Award in the Best Animated Feature category. However the film eventually lost out to Disney/Pixar’s ‘INSIDE OUT’ across all three major film awards!!

Richard Starzak and Mark Burton wrote and directed the film. It made over £76 million worldwide at the box office and was universally praised by critics, who called it "fun, absurd, and endearingly inventive."     

It holds an approval rating of 99% on Rotten Tomatoes and is one of the highest rated animated films on the website.

The film went on to be nominated for 50 awards, winning 8, including the prestigious Toronto Film Critics Association Award for Best Animated Film. So proud to have been a part of it!

For more information about the film, scroll down my news posts, you can also head to my News Blog for the full lowdown … LISTEN & WATCH on the site here.

Audio Drama: I was delighted to start working again with folk at Games Workshop, extending my long history with the company. This time getting involved on the AUDIO DRAMA side for Black Library. I’ve recorded 5 AUDIO DRAMAS and rather splendidly I was asked to read one of their AUDIO BOOK releases too … the epic ‘BLACKSTONE FORTRESS’ written by Darius Hinks, based on the one of their hugely popular games. More details at Clients/Testimonials. LISTEN & WATCH on the site here.

Animated Series: So thrilled to be asked to voice the character of EZRA in the hit CBeebies Animated Series ‘JOJO & GRAN GRAN’ …. It’s an important landmark series, as it’s the first animation on CBeebies to focus on a black British family. ‘JoJo & Gran Gran’ is about the everyday adventures of a four-year-old girl who is cared for by her fun, wise grandmother (played by Cathy Tyson) while her parents are at work.

The series is based on the beautiful books created by Laura Henry Allain and has received more than 14m views on the BBC’s iPlayer. It’s proved so successful in fact that it has be re-commisioned for a further 88 EPISODES!! Watch the series so far here LISTEN & WATCH on the site here.

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